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Nisha Ganatra


Custom Portfolio Website

Nisha Ganatra is a Golden Globe winner and an Emmy nominee. We created a custom website design that highlights Nisha's work in film, TV, and commercials. The website gives visitors access to her press kit in addition to a contact form, allowing them to get in touch with her.

Truly Custom Website

Nisha Ganatra wanted a 100% custom website design, which we were more than happy to provide.

Connectivity with Industry Players

In the entertainment industry, networking and staying connected is extremely important. To achieve this, we linked out to all of Nisha’s recent press on her homepage. This provides a streamlined way to catch up with her recent press and work as a director.

The Work Speaks for Itself

Nisha Ganatra was also interested in showing off her dynamic portfolio, including film, TV, and selected commercial work. Her custom website design is really an online portfolio of her best work.

Streamlined Content Management

We avoided cluttering the website with too much content — instead opting for a clean, streamlined look. This design also helps visitors get a quick overview of Nisha Ganatra’s portfolio and work.

Engaging & Unique Homepage

Chasing Brunch created an engaging custom website design which draws the visitor in, answers their questions, and helps them learn more about Nisha Ganatra.