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Website, Signage, & More.

When we say we have your back, we mean it. This innovative Los Angeles vape company needed our help reaching their ideal customers. We responded with 360° website design and branding support. From the smallest state, our design studio yields big results.

PodTones Hero

"Working with Ben and Erin at Chasing Brunch is how you wish all of your creative projects would go. They listen. They deliver. They bring incredible design ideas and technical expertise to every step of the project from discussing concepts to building the site and even the hand off at the end - they are in complete control from the beginning to the end of the project, delivering above and beyond on every level. Ben and Erin are excellent collaborators and impressive artists who really understand the ins and outs of what works and why, both aesthetically and technically. Also they are lovely people who make it a pleasure to get the hard work done. I will always recommend them and I hope to work with them for many years to come."

Ali Baron

Co-Founder, PodTones™

Powerful Website Design

We started by designing a powerful and intuitive custom website. The focus of this website design is to show off the colourful product line, help customers find what they’re looking for, and make it easy to request PodTones™ in your area. We also needed to educate visitors and explain the unique benefits of this product.

Find Your Tone Quiz

To get customers involved and interested, we created an interactive quiz that matches visitors with their ideal PodTones™ product. This allows customers to engage with the brand and ultimately drives sales.

Store Locator

Our team also developed a store locator which helps potential customers find PodTones™ at their closest dispensary by entering their zip code, encouraging customers to visit local stores.

Leafly Display Ads

We also created eye catching display ads for PodTones™ on Leafly and Weedmaps which tied in with their website design. These were used to promote their products with great success.

Los Angeles Billboards

We designed several striking billboard ads engineered to draw attention and stand out as much as possible in the crowded Los Angeles cannabis space.

Instagram Graphics

Social media advertising is vital these days. To support PodTones™ on social media, we created a series of graphics which are perfect for sharing on Instagram.

Dispensary Postcards

We designed a series of PodTones™ postcards as giveaway items inside dispensaries. These included information on the unique product line in addition to their campaign hashtag. This enables prospective customers to learn more about the company on social media through user generated content, while creating interest in the product.

Sidewalk Sign

Finally we created attractive sidewalk advertising to be placed in spaces like bus shelters, benches, and other exterior areas.